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Interactive Recruitment Process: ShinyNeedle

Potential job candidates can look great on paper, but resumes often are not a clear-cut portrayal of a candidate’s most important skills: critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, two things absolutely crucial in the workforce today.

A new website is offering a distinct way for employers and applicants to enhance their hiring processes and job searches. ShinyNeedle allows employers to post job descriptions with a twist—each one includes a real business challenge for the interested job candidate to solve. This allows recruiters to see how potential candidates would solve a real problem facing their business. Alternatively, the frustrations of job seekers are eased as their efforts of tackling these challenges allow them to set themselves apart from other applicants who may have only applied with the standard resume and cover letter.

By putting life to the all-too-common resumes, job seekers can prove their worth and hiring managers can be sure of their potential before the hiring process even begins.

Check out how ShinyNeedle can enhance your current techniques in the career space here!

Jobjuice Social Media Job Search application

Social media is a staple in our personal and professional lives today. On a professional level, nearly 93 percent of organizations are actively using social media to recruit talent. Therefore, it would be in job seekers’ best interest to learn how to effectively utilize social media in their job search to get ahead in this competitive market.

The simplicity of networking through the most popular social media outlets to accelerate your job search is facilitated by the Jobjuice Social Media Job Search application for your smartphone or smart device. The application is a key learning tool for modern job seekers, MBA students, and business professionals looking to take advantage of social media to build their personal brand, conduct research, and target key companies. Knowing what employers want can be difficult, but JobJuice provides helpful tips and advice for developing professional online profiles to appeal to your future recruiters and hiring managers.

Check out the Jobjuice Social Media Job Search App at the Apple iTunes App Store to begin differentiating your job search online.

The Powers of Networking

We’ve heard it again and again – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Unfortunately, in my quest to find a career, I have found this long-standing cliché to be ever so true.

In my previous post, I stated that I have applied to 100+ jobs; the majority of those being online job posts. The positive outcomes from those online applications have been minimal. The most promising leads I have had in my six months of searching have come from networking.

From everything that I have read, the best way to find a job is to network. And network I have done! I have contacted just about every single person on the planet that I know … and then some … old professors, friends from college, friends from high school, relatives. I have even contacted people on LinkedIn that I don’t even know. And herein lies my first piece of advice: Join LinkedIn and network!

 LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for all professionals, whether you are currently comfortable in your career or looking for a change (stay tuned for more information about LinkedIn in my next post). LinkedIn has an advanced search feature that allows you to search for people given different categories. So, in my case, I looked up every single person who went to Ithaca College and who now works in public relations … and I contacted all of them. As you can tell, at this point, I have a “what do I have to lose” attitude. I sent each of them friendly, professional messages explaining who I was and why I wanted to connect with them. Worst-case scenario: no one responds to me. I have had some of them connect with me, but no one has contacted me or given me any potential leads yet.  That’s ok. I am still going to plug away at this method in the chance that one person might have an opportunity available.

 It can be discouraging to hear that all your hard work in college and all your work experiences may not help you find a job because you don’t have a large network to help you. It was certainly a disheartening realization for me. But, since the end of December, my network has improved and yours can too. My best advice would be to contact the individuals that I mentioned above. You never know when someone might know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone!


I have decided to chronicle my journey as an unemployed (hopefully for not too much longer) 24 year-old. I’ll begin with a little bit about my background. I grew up in a very small town and decided to attend college at a local university - Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). I majored in Communications Media with a minor in Journalism. During my time at IUP, I was a diligent student. I worked 25+ hours a week, completed a public relations internship, and graduated with a 4.0 grade point average. I worked so hard because I knew I wanted to go to graduate school and I did not want to pay for it!! Fortunately, that wish came true and in August 2010 I became a graduate student at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications. In December 2011, I earned my Master’s Degree in Strategic Communications.

During my five-and-a-half years of higher education experience, I was always busy, always driven, and always motivated. While I didn’t feel that I was entitled to a job right after graduation, I was confident that something would come my way. Unfortunately, that has not been the case.

Now, a full six months after graduating, I am still unemployed. I could use this blog to complain about the hundreds of job applications I’ve completed, about the handful of phone and face-to-face interviews I’ve performed, or about the frustrations and “loser-like” feelings that haunt my everyday. BUT….I am not going to do that.

I would like to use this blog to help all those out there who are in the same boat as I am. Meaning, I would like to give ideas about what has been helpful to me and what really has not worked. I’ll post interesting articles or materials that I feel may be useful to everyone who is searching for a job.

In addition, I hope that if you have ideas or insights that you will share them with me. We are in one of the most difficult job markets ever. By working together, we may be able to create options and opportunities for ourselves and others!


Professional recommendations are often the key to standing out to potential employers, who want to ensure you’re a candidate who’s already highly trusted in your field. But asking for recommendations is often awkward—it can be difficult to know exactly who to ask, and how to do so without being a bother.

But a new site is working to eliminate the hassle of professional recommendations. Recmnd.Me is a free site that allows you to rank and rate your colleagues based on a number of skills and qualities, using an easy scale of 1-10. It even pools rankings and shows you how you stack up against other professionals. Ratings are anonymous, which should ensure honesty. Consider using this site as a supplement to your resume, and share the link with potential employers to let them see you come as a highly recommended candidate. Check out more on the site here.

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